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Sinclair Method Los Angeles

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Contrary to popular belief, participation in a traditional rehabilitation program is not the only path to transforming the lives of problem drinks.  In fact, The Sinclair Method offers a host of advantages to people seeking an effective long-term solution to their alcohol addiction.

Below are the top ten reasons why The Sinclair Method is the most effective treatment for alcohol use disorders.

1) A superb long-term success rate. The Sinclair Method’s 78% long-term success rate is particularly impressive when compared to the 5-15% success rates claimed by other treatments. The Sinclair Method also facilitates pharmacological extinction, with nearly one in four participants becoming 100% abstinent.

2) Effectiveness in remote locations. People in emerging nations and third-world countries often must seek alternative modes of treatment for alcohol addiction because residents have no access to rehabilitation facilities. SinclairMethod.Org’s use of telemedicine enables people to receive treatment for their alcohol addiction regardless of their location.

3) Ease of use. The Sinclair Method’s straightforward approach is a major advantage for busy individuals seeking a treatment platform that is simple and easy to follow. The treatment platform involves an initial online evaluation, taking recommended medication as prescribed, and participation in follow-up appointments with a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner. Patients save time and money because they do not have to travel to and from treatment appointments.

4) A scientific approach. The Sinclair Method involves a scientific approach and use of the FDA-approved drug Naltrexone to reduce alcohol cravings and facilitate abstinence. Ongoing studies are undertaken to continue to monitor the method’s effectiveness and identify opportunities for improvement.

5) No disruption to daily activities. Unlike traditional rehabilitation programs that typically involve lengthy stays at an alcohol treatment center, The Sinclair Method works without requiring people to temporarily relocate or disrupt their regular lives.

6) Patients can visualize their treatment progress. The Sinclair Method encourages patients to chart their alcohol consumption patterns throughout treatment. By charting their drinking patterns, patients can visualize their gradual decrease in alcohol cravings and enjoy a newfound confidence in their progress.

7) A minimal time commitment from patients. In contrast to traditional rehab programs, The Sinclair Method does not involve an excessive time commitment. Patients are not required to go through detox, inpatient treatment programs, or even long-term outpatient therapy. Patients can even communicate with their physicians through video streaming.

8) Affordability. The Sinclair Method’s cost-effective design enables patients of a variety of financial means to participate in treatment. Patients pay a nominal evaluation fee and modest follow-up appointment fees, plus any medication fees. These charges pale in comparison to the cost of participating in a traditional rehab program.

9) Worldwide success. The Sinclair Method’s success is not limited to the United States. Doctors who support the Sinclair Method can be found in Canada, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, Austria and other locations across the globe. Their efforts have helped hundreds of people worldwide change their lives.

10) Effective with or without therapy. Alcohol addicts are not unidimensional in their response to treatment. Some people prefer to participate in counseling or therapy while other people prefer to proceed with treatment without therapy. Fortunately, studies of The Sinclair Method indicate that treatment results are the same regardless of whether patients choose to seek therapy. This flexibility promotes a customized treatment approach that works well for patients who benefit from therapy.

Final Considerations

When evaluating treatment options for alcohol addiction, patients should approach treatment with an optimism and a commitment to succeed. While no treatment is 100% effective for all people, The Sinclair Method’s user-friendly design and outstanding long-term success rate make it easy for patients to participate in treatment and achieve lasting results.

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