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Sinclair Method:  Initial Evaluation

During your first appointment, you and your provider will review your:

  • Drinking history:  How much? How often?  Negative consequences?  Failed efforts to manage your use?
  • Psychiatric history:  Depression?  Anxiety?  Sleep difficulties?  Previous medication trials?
  • Medical History:  Drug allergies?  Chronic illnesses?   Liver disease?
  • Treatment Goals:  Moderation?  Abstinence?  Improved control?

Education is a cornerstone of treatment with SinclairMethod.Org, so please don’t hesitate to ask questions.  We want to make sure you know this approach to alcoholism treatment inside and out.  During your initial appointment you will learn about:

  • The Sinclair Method:  Endorphins, pharmacological extinction, use of Naltrexone, drinking logs, and liver functioning tests.
  • Naltrexone:  How it works, potential benefits, and potential risks.

Duration:  30 minutes.

Cost:  Varies by State.  See Booking page.

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Sinclair Method:  Follow Up Appointments

Your first follow up is typically 4 weeks after the initial appointment, although in some cases it may be more appropriate to be seen in two weeks.  During your follow up appointments, you will discuss:

  • Experience since last appointment.
  • Medication response including drinking log.
  • Side effects.
  • Refill of medication.
  • Questions/concerns you might have about your treatment.

Duration:  15 minutes.

Cost:  Varies by State.  See Booking page.

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If you are in the Seattle area, we’d love to see you in person. The office is located in the neighborhood of Ballard, convenient to Queen Anne, Fremont, Magnolia,and Wallingford.

Residents of Washington may use Regence, Premera, Kaiser, Aetna, or Lifewise insurance for their in-office appointments.