Naltrexone on ABC’s Good Morning America

Naltrexone on Good Morning America

The American Journal of Psychiatry study found those who took Naltrexone prior to drinking alcohol were less likely to over drink.

ABC’s Good Morning America Discusses Naltrexone and The Sinclair Method


Good-MOrning-america Naltrexone on ABC's Good Morning America


New Study Demonstrates Effectiveness of As-Needed Naltrexone for Binge Drinking

Robyn (00:01):

Now to a new report on a pre-existing medicine that may be the key to curb the effects of binge drinking. It’s a story we first saw in the New York Times. And our medical contributor, Dr. Darien Sutton, is back. A double house call from Dr. Sutton.

Dr. Darien Sutton (00:15):

Second time.

Robyn (00:16):

I know. So tell us about this pill.

Dr. Darien Sutton (00:17):

Well, Naltrexone is a medication that historically has been used for those with known alcohol use disorder or known opiate use disorder. It most commonly is done in a way where you take it every single day.

Well, in this study, they’re looking to see if there are benefits in those who don’t technically have a diagnosis of alcohol use disorder, but maybe can use it sparingly when needed.

Robyn (00:36):

So how does it work?

Dr. Darien Sutton (00:37):

So essentially, it works by binding and blocking the receptors that stimulate our series of craving that goes on in our brain when we’re exposed to opiates or alcohol. And in this study, they basically took a group of young participants and they gave them this access to this medication, as well as education regarding alcohol use.

And they basically used it in a way where they only used it before they would have expected episodes of excessive drinking, which can include more than four to five drinks in one setting. And they found that after 12 weeks, those that used the medication compared to the placebo had significantly less drinking. And that effect lasted up to six months.

Robyn (01:12):

Up to six months.

Dr. Darien Sutton (01:12):

Six months.

Robyn (01:13):

If you have an issue with drinking, is this something that could help, perhaps?

Dr. Darien Sutton (01:17):

It certainly is. The first step, however, Robyn, I always want to advise patients is acknowledging to yourself that you might have a problem.

Robyn (01:24):


Dr. Darien Sutton (01:24):

Talking to your physician about your symptoms so that you can get a good gauge on what the issue is and the other possible treatments. And then of course, there’s the national helpline that’s available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week to find trusted resources within your community.

Robyn (01:37):

And never be hesitant to ask for help if you need it.

Dr. Darien Sutton (01:41):


Robyn (01:41):

All right, Dr. Sutton, thanks so much.